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Our Expertise

At Harley Industrial we aim to improve the storage capabilities of your warehouse or industrial environment. Drawing on years of hands-on experience working in the logistics field we can provide innovative and personalised solutions depending on your businesses specific needs. Our years of knowledge has ensured that we provide the most economical solutions that improve your available operational space.

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Selective Pallet Racking


Selective pallet racking is the most commonly used pallet racking. It provides users with maximum flexibility and versatility. It is also the most economical storage option, it is therefore considered the first-choice by many.

  • Frame Height (75mm Hole Center): 2400mm / 3075mm / 3750mm / 4425mm / 5250mm / 6000mm

Long - span shelving


Our range of NM5 Long-span shelving are designed to store non-palletised items such as cartons, parts trays and tools. It’s perfect for garages / sheds at home or warehouses large or small.

  • Frame Height: 2200mm / 3000mm
  • Frame Depth: 450mm / 600mm /900mm
  • Beam Length: 1500mm / 1800mm / 2100mm / 2591mm

Mezzanine Floor


Designed to increase your floor area within your warehouse, there are huge variety of different designs and material can be employed to cater for your requirement.

Please Contact us on 1300 756 875 to discuss your requirements.


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Pallet Racking Melbourne15

Are you in need of durable and affordable warehouse storage solutions. At Harley Industrial Storage Solutions we are an industry leader in the supply and installation of raised storage areas. We proudly deliver a wide range of shelving products across Australia including warehouse pallet racking systems for sale. Businesses across Melbourne can directly benefit from our innovative and space-saving methods. Our team believes the recent influx of inferior imported pallet racking systems into Australia has inevitably tarnished the industry. Businesses have been adversely impacted by sub quality pallet racks and shelving products supplied by some irresponsible companies within the industry.

Pallet Racking Systems Melbourne

At Harley, we understand that a pallet racking installation is a major investment for a warehouse. Our team believes that the safety and structural integrity of the pallet racking is paramount and should never be compromised for price or design. That’s why we will offer you the ultimate peace of mind – a lifetime warranty on all shelving products and racking for sale. At Harley Industrial, it is our goal to deliver cheap pallet racking system installation throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

Pallet Racking Installation Melbourne

Committed to delivering reliable pallet racking to Campbellfield, Derrimut, Epping, Heidelberg, Preston, Reservoir, Sunshine, Thomastown, Tullamarine aand everywhere in between our team will happily assist you in comprehensive pallet racking system installation. Melbourne businesses can turn to us to upgrade their storage capability. As one of the few rack suppliers in Australia to provide a lifetime warranty against materials, workmanship and structural failures as standard, Harley will replace any components free of charge should a failure occur.

Pallet Racking for Sale Melbourne

Designed to allow for the safe and efficient storage of stock loaded onto pallets the warehousing professionals at Harley Industrial can custom design and assemble durable racking to meet your specifications. Thanks to our detailed approach Harley Industrial stands out as the premier providers of pallet racking for sale to Melbourne businesses across all industries. With our resilient storage racks Melbourne companies can make the best use of their available floor space.

Warehouse Racking Melbourne

At Harley Industrial we aim to improve the daily operations of our clients with our reliable and personalised warehouse racking services. Customers across Melbourne can trust us to quickly install and assemble heavy-duty and long-lasting shelving and racking to maximise storage and available floor space.

Warehouse Pallet Racking Melbourne

At Harley we know how important an organised and reliable storage system is to warehouse operators and business owners. By working closely with our clients our innovative and professional team can design and assemble lasting warehouse pallet racking all across Melbourne. Distance is not an issue for us as our highly mobile team will travel to your site promptly.

Warehouse Racking Systems Melbourne

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of all types of shelving systems and pallet racking systems in Melbourne and throughout Australia, including:

The team at Harley can also provide the following specialty services:

Industrial Racking Melbourne

Capable of safely storing a wide range of stock and items the industrial racking systems supplied to Melbourne by Harley Industrial can rapidly and safely transform your warehouse into an ordered and easy-to-manage environment. Made to carry heavy loads and withstand accidental impacts with machinery our steel shelving offers Melbourne businesses a safe and reliable storage solution.

Industrial Storage Solutions Melbourne

The highly skilled team of warehouse planning experts at Harley Industrial Storage Solutions have over 60 years of combined industry experience. We endeavour to provide you with the best possible solutions customised to your needs and budget, leaving you with minimum stress or hassle. Is your workplace struggling to safely store excess pallets? Do you have more empty pallets in your warehouse or factory than you do ones that are loaded with stock? As pallet experts the team at Harley Industrial know that companies and businesses want to keep their working environment free from obstructions and as safe as possible. With our personalised and safe pallet storage Melbourne industrial locations across the city can have easy access to their pallets when they need them, without posing a risk to workers and employees.

Thanks to our expertise, and passion you can trust the team at Harley Industrial to deliver industrial racking Melbourne-wide and beyond. For more information about our superior racking and shelving solutions call us today on 1300 765 875.